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Well life jsut F*cking sucks

Why is it that I can't try to voice my opinion on how I feel I'm right with out my boyfriend saying something to make me feel utterly stupid, or saying I have a god-complex. PAH then I get told to calm down when i flipped out about that.. He knows how much I am constantly putting my self down, how i have self hate for my self at times,, why the FUCK would he do that... whhy...I am literally in tears cuz I feel like I can never amount to anything when every one seems to be telling me I'm too stupid, or i don't know enough,etc... never giving me good criticism.. just shitting on me.. How can I move forward,,,,

eeww Canker Sores

bleh I have Canker Sores.. I don't know where they come from nor how.. I have an idea, and I think it happens after I visit the dentist.. is it that I'm allergic to something? ( like latex) Or is it them being aggressive.. or me being stressed.. or a combo of any... please any help will be appreciated!!

soo fucking shitty :"(

I feel the worst I have in ages..so.. it keeps getting from bad to worse.. in the back of my boyfriend's mind he wants to be single to not have that much stress, but he loves me too much to leave me. Which i turns makes me feel like I'm the problem ( which I kinda am, because I'm a depressive Bi-polar and he has trouble dealing with my bi-polar fits).. but I'm starting to get really depressed again about my father leaving, still no word at all from him, and somehow for some reason I feel it is my fault he is the way he is and why he left again... He left my parents house Oct 7, and Mom thinks he been sleeping in the jeep at his work parking lot.. And cuz of how I think, I have this weird feeling he is with another family v.v.. I jsut wanna get drunk as f*ck and not worry about school or getting a job or anything v___v

Depressed, anxious, Bi-Polar as shit

So it happened again... Me and my bf got in a fight because my Bi-polar decided to say hi... all he did was turn off the TV... yeah he did it without asking, and did not tell me that he did it because  he was going to study.. but still... then he left a dirty, unusable razor on the sink.

So when I asked him what he was thinking, and he did right back... it turned into a shit fest for like an hour... I don't know what to do anymore... :'( I have been getting randomly depressed again even though I have been taken my prescribed medication ( Lexapro 10 mg), I am on my menstrual cycle at the moment so that might have a hand in it this time... but what of the other times?? He gets all upset when I have to unload on him, he says i should keep it inside, all the anger, "craziness", negative energy... when all that will do is get me depressed.. should I? should I do this to have less fights? even though I might become more miserable? :(
Please if anyone is reading this and can help... say something//
      Alucard            Dracula

Ayami Kojima

This is a project I have to do for school, Crafton Hills College, in my Painting 126 class.

I chose Ayami Kojima as the artist I am going to talk about/

Kojima is a game and concept artist. Her best work is the Castlevania series.
She is a self taught artist. She ususally uses molding paste, Conté Crayon, acrylics, India ink, gloss polymer medium, stumps and finger smudging in her paintings.

Ayami Kojima

Dracula from Castlevania

http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lhmg8tlXYM1qexj6vo1_500.jpg Characters from Aria of Sorrow

Jul. 30th, 2012

How hard is it to find one friggin movie?? I'm trying to find Kairo(Pulse)... help?


Jun. 27th, 2012

Hey! I've been in the mood for creepy and disturbing movies. I have already watched many, and would like some new material; even if it is a corny movie x3. If you could leave a list of movies you found enjoyable would be awesome :D
Thanks a bunch ^-^